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Re: Can someone kill or fix lout.sourceforge.net ?

From: KHMan
Subject: Re: Can someone kill or fix lout.sourceforge.net ?
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 17:28:35 +0800
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Mark Summerfield wrote:
> Does anyone on this list have permission to edit the
> http://lout.sourceforge.net page? This page is years out of date and I
> have found it to be impossible to edit even though I enter the username
> and password specified on the page. This page is also the first link
> that Google gives to the lout typesetting system.

None of the admins appear to have responded to the earlier thread
on this list, so I appear to be the only dude fiddling with the SF
account. I checked my permissions again (I'm not an owner or
admin) and I managed to SSH into SF and swap the current wiki with
a new page. It redirects to your page for now. I will e-mail the
admins to see if they respond; perhaps it is better if they pass
admin status to you or something. Maybe this community doesn't
have enough resources to maintain a vibrant wiki on the long run.

> I mention it because once again someone has downloaded the "up to date"
> lout 3.31 from that page and found they couldn't build a document I'd
> sent them (because I use 3.36)... It also gives a v. bad impression of
> lout.

Worse, Wikipedia links to there... :-(

> If the page can't be removed, then it would be nice if it could have a
> big bold link at the top to http://sourceforge.net/projects/lout which
> is kept up to date.

So I can login or copy via SSH for now. If anyone wants to rustle
something up for that site, then please post here on this list.
Otherwise, I will make a snapshot of the wiki site, send it to
Jeff Kingston, then set up a basic page there or disable it.

Also, the "Web Site" link on the SF summary page points to a dead
page, and I think I don't have permissions to fix that, so I hope
I can get one of the admins to respond. At worst, I suppose we can
request SF to revert ownership to Jeff...

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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