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Re: Version 3.32 of Lout now available

From: Christopher Wolfe
Subject: Re: Version 3.32 of Lout now available
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 09:29:14 -0400
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Yaiy!  A new release.

On Friday I will test the fix for including Lout-generated EPS files in Lout-generated documents. I shall share the results. Thanks a lot.

Christopher Wolfe

Jeff Kingston wrote:
Version 3.32 of the Lout document formatting system is now available,
from the usual place:

And as usual a separate copy of the Version 3.32 User's Guide is
available from


A brief summary of what's new appears below.  Could people who reported
the bugs and requested the features please try out the new version?  I'm
particularly anxious about the fix to including Lout-generated EPS files
in Lout-generated documents.  It all works well here but it's a wild, wild
PostScript world out there and I would welcome reports of successful use of
EPS inclusion using 3.32, in all combinations (Lout-generated or non-Lout-
generated EPS files into Lout-generated or non-Lout-generated documents).
Well, perhaps not non-Lout-generated EPS into non-Lout-generated documents.

Changes and new features introduced in Version 3.32 [October 2006]

   Bug fixes:
      Uwe's problem of CRLF occurring on file block boundaries fixed, I hope
      Ludovic's fix ensuring "rragged @Break" applies to isolated words
      EPS files generated by Lout now safe to include in Lout documents
   Multi-column lists (see List section of User's Guide for details)
   Basic command-line errors print usage as well as error message
   "break" option for lists, "@ListBreak" in setup file (Summerfield)
   "labelright" list option, "@ListLabelRight" in setup file (Summerfield)
   Peculiar behaviour of multi-paragraph table entries now documented
   Some changes to the makefile (contributed by Greg Woods)
   Options for the title page of overheads (contributed by Ludovic Courtes)
   "blanklinescale" option to "@Break" (scales height of blank lines)
   "blanklinescale" options in cprint, java etc.
   "blanknumbered" option in cprint, java etc. (don't number blank lines)
   "=head3" token added to Pod programming language
   "-r" command line option, e.g. -r3 runs Lout three times

Jeff Kingston

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