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Re: Use external graphics

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Use external graphics
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 07:26:33 +1100

> When lout loads an eps - graphic, does it understand it's
> structure and would it be possible to do replacements in
> the eps file before it gets included?

No, there is nothing like that available in Lout.

> Right now i am thinking of setting some placeholder
> as labels and replace them with the appropriate lout text.
> Is @Filter my friend or am i left alone with awk and
> its companions?

The @Filter symbol is used to invoke a program whose output
is Lout source code.  It's not going to be any use in
modifying an EPS file; the most it would be good for would
be to call a program that does the modifications and spits
out an @IncludeGraphic as its output, which is not much.

If these other programs produce EPS, perhaps they are able
to include an EPS file?  Getting Lout to make one EPS file
for each label would then be another option, although a
very clumsy one.


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