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Re: @I seems to do nothing to the AvantGarde font

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: @I seems to do nothing to the AvantGarde font
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 11:09:25 +0200
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Sébastien Pierre <address@hidden> writes:

> Le 06-07-24 à 18:19, Daniel Ajoy a écrit :
>> @I seems to do nothing to the AvantGarde font
> It is possible that the font does not come with the italic variant
> (some fonts do not have bold or italic).

Here's what happens.

AvantGarde _does_ have an italic variant.  Lout's `fontdefs.ld' defines
it like this:

  { @FontDef
      @Tag { AvantGarde-Slope }
      @Family { AvantGarde }
      @Face { Slope }
      @Name { AvantGarde-MediumObl }
      @Metrics { AG-MdO }
      @Mapping { LtLatin1.LCM }

However, I'm guessing that you're using a free OS which provides a free
(GPL'd) variant of Adobe's fonts made by URW++ [0,1].

Then, Ghostscript (which your viewer uses) defines a "font map" that
allows it to use the URW++ variants whenever a PS file refers to the
Adobe font names.  On Debian (the `gs-gpl' package), this file is
located at /usr/share/gs-gpl/8.50/lib/Fontmap.GS.  For AvantGarde, it
contains the following lines:

  /AvantGarde-Book              /URWGothicL-Book        ;
  /AvantGarde-BookOblique               /URWGothicL-BookObli    ;
  /AvantGarde-Demi              /URWGothicL-Demi        ;
  /AvantGarde-DemiOblique               /URWGothicL-DemiObli    ;

IOW, it doesn't mention any mapping for `AvantGarde-MediumObl' (which
you are interested in), which is why it doesn't display italics.

I don't know what this font should be mapped to, but you could add
something like this to your `Fontmap.GS' file:

  /AvantGarde-MediumObl         /URWGothicL-DemiObli    ;

However, if you send your file to a standard PS printer, it should print
just fine.


[0] http://urwpp.de
[1] http://goldfndr.home.mindspring.com/urw.html

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