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Re: tables and columns interacting badly

From: Martin DeMello
Subject: Re: tables and columns interacting badly
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 19:20:49 +0530

no takers? it can't be as hard as I'm finding it - surely this is a
common use-case when printing long, narrow tables!


On 7/9/06, Martin DeMello <address@hidden> wrote:
I have the following document:

@SysInclude { tbl }
@SysInclude { doc }
  @InitialFont { Courier Base 10p }
  @ColumnNumber { 2 }
@Text @Begin
  aformat{ @address@hidden rule {yes} A}| @Cell rule {yes} B }
    A { AAEEINT }
    B { TAENIAE }
    A { AEEIORT }
    B { ETAERIO }


The problem is that when I change the document's ColumnNumber to 2,
the first column of the table suddenly expands (it sized itself neatly
to the text when I had just one column), and the two table columns
actually overlap. If I increase ColumnNumber further, the second
column of the table gets more and more compressed, while the first
column stays expanded. How do I fix this? I've attached a ps file to
illustrate the problem.


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