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Re: remove empty pages

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: remove empty pages
Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2006 08:06:55 +1100

> But I'm still getting 3 empty pages at the beginning of
> the document: page "i", page "ii" and "page 1" how do I
> remove them.

I'm pretty sure that page i is the title page of the book;
every book has a title page, so you are stuck with that.
And then you must get a page ii as well, because the
introductory page sequence (the one numbered i, ii, etc.)
always has an even number of pages.

I'm not sure about page 1, that really ought to be the
first page of the first chapter, hence not empty.  We
could keep talking about that one, but I suspect that
once you get everything else right (e.g. the date as
in your previous mail) it will be OK.

If you don't want an introductory sequence of pages
numbered i, ii, etc. then you can change the


option in the book file to No.  But I believe you
will still get a title page.

If you were the person who was asking recently about
starting chapters on even-numbered pages, that might
be the reason you have an empty page 1.


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