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[ANN] includefonts 0.9

From: Michael Piotrowski
Subject: [ANN] includefonts 0.9
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2006 18:19:51 +0200
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If you're using Lout with fonts which are not resident in your
printer, it may have happened to you that you you printed a Lout
document in Courier instead of, say, Garamond because you forgot to
download the font to the printer or to include it in the PostScript

Includefonts is a filter for the CUPS print system [1], which embeds
the fonts required by PostScript print jobs, given that the PostScript
contains the necessary DSC comments (e.g., PostScript files generated
by Lout) and that the required fonts are available on the system.

Includefonts queries the printer's PPD file (via the CUPS API) to find
out which of the required fonts are resident in the printer and thus
don't need to be included. Various options can be used to control the
search path and the inclusion of fonts.

If the printer contains a TrueType rasterizer, TrueType fonts can
automatically be wrapped as Type42 fonts.

Includefonts now comes with its own CUPS interface.  This removes the
dependency on Net::CUPS, which makes includefonts easier to build.

Includefonts is available from


While it is not Lout-specific, I hope this announcement is interesting
for Lout users and not too off-topic.

[1]  <http://cups.org/>

Michael Piotrowski, M.A.                               <address@hidden>
Public key at <http://www.dynalabs.de/mxp/pubkey.txt>

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