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Re: Font change wanted in table of contents

From: Barrie Stott
Subject: Re: Font change wanted in table of contents
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 23:05:27 +0100
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Many thanks again.

On Sat, May 14, 2005 at 08:52:54AM +1100, Jeff Kingston wrote:
> > I've slimmed stuff down to get a small example...
> Thanks for this.  I've run it and I *don't* get a bold
> table of contents here.  I think it's time to dig around
> in the generated PostScript file.  Search down to
>     %%Page: 1 1
> which is a PostScript comment that begins the first
> page.  Just under that in my PostScript there is
>     %%IncludeResource: font Times-Roman
>     /Times-Romanfnt1 vec2 /Times-Roman LoutRecode
>     /fnt1 { /Times-Romanfnt1 LoutFont } def
> which proves that the symbol fnt1 when used by Lout
> will produce Times Roman (as it does in my output).
I get this exactly.

> A bit further down again we find
>     240 fnt1 0 13396(1.)m 284(The)s
>     712(T)s 8(ransfer)k 1572(of)s 1843(ML/I)s 2403(from)s
>     2927(Machine)s 3820(to)s 4059(Machine)s 5146(..)s 5490(..)s

I did not get this but got:

        240 fnt1
        0 13396(1.)m 240 fnt3 284 13395(The)m 739(T)s 17(ransfer)k
        1683(of)s 1955(ML/I)s 2556(fr)s 4(om)k 3112(Machine)s
        4058(to)s 4312(Machine)s 240 fnt1 5490 13396(..)m 5834(..)s

and earlier I got:

        /Times-Boldfnt3 vec2 /Times-Bold LoutRecode
        /fnt3 { /Times-Boldfnt3 LoutFont } def
        0.0500 dup scale 10 setlinewidth

> If you find this stuff in your version of the file, then
> the problem is with your rendering software.  If you
> find that Lout is generating bold text, then there is
> a problem with your version of the standard packages.

I presume that you mean the files, langdefs, bsf, dsf and docf, which
are in /usr/lib/lout/include/ on my system and I have not changed
these; in fact I've changed none of the files in the include/
directory. In the example, I use only the uncommented lines from the
original include/doc file, adding the following:

        @Use { @DocumentSetup @MakeContents     { Yes } }

It should not matter but I am using lout-3.24 on a Debian sarge system
with kernel 2.6.8.


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