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Re: Font change wanted in table of contents

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Font change wanted in table of contents
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 08:52:54 +1100

> I've slimmed stuff down to get a small example...

Thanks for this.  I've run it and I *don't* get a bold
table of contents here.  I think it's time to dig around
in the generated PostScript file.  Search down to

    %%Page: 1 1

which is a PostScript comment that begins the first
page.  Just under that in my PostScript there is

    %%IncludeResource: font Times-Roman
    /Times-Romanfnt1 vec2 /Times-Roman LoutRecode
    /fnt1 { /Times-Romanfnt1 LoutFont } def

which proves that the symbol fnt1 when used by Lout
will produce Times Roman (as it does in my output).
A bit further down again we find

    240 fnt1 0 13396(1.)m 284(The)s
    712(T)s 8(ransfer)k 1572(of)s 1843(ML/I)s 2403(from)s
    2927(Machine)s 3820(to)s 4059(Machine)s 5146(..)s 5490(..)s

etc. which shows that there is a switch to fnt1
immediately before printing the contents line.

If you find this stuff in your version of the file, then
the problem is with your rendering software.  If you
find that Lout is generating bold text, then there is
a problem with your version of the standard packages.
Either way we will know what to do next.


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