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Re: Lout 3.29 and legal documents

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Lout 3.29 and legal documents
Date: Sun, 02 May 2004 15:50:24 +1000

> i need to write legal documents. the paragraphs have to be numbered

The only thing I can suggest here is a @NumberedList whose items
are created using the @PI (a.k.a. @ParagraphItem) symbol instead
of the usual @LI.  It makes numbered list items in what I believe
is the style of legal documents.  This will be somewhat clumsy but
not as bad as inserting the numbers by hand.  How you get titles
and stuff in as well I am not sure, but you could try @LII
(a.k.a @ListInterruptItem) list items and see how they go.

> also each page has to have line numbers, from 1 to 28, double spaced,
> independant of the text line spacing... Is @PageBackground the simplest?

If it is really and truly independent of the text line spacing, then
@PageBackground would be the best way.

I have a horrible feeling it is not going to work out well, it all
seems to clumsy.  However that's the best I can offer.

By the way, you should post these questions to the Lout mailing
list.  I've attached a blurb describing the list below.

Jeff Kingston
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