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Page Numbering Solved!

From: SoftwareSolutions.Net
Subject: Page Numbering Solved!
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 08:13:41 -0600

First, my sincere thanks to all who responded and provided input on how to
solve the page numbering problem.

Special thanks to Eric for providing the key to the puzzle and to Jeff for
confirming the solution.

To summarize, I am using a PERL script to allow users to provide form field
input, the PERL script then calls the lout document and replaces
placeholders with the input provided by the user.  The PERL script then
calls lout and then ghostscript to produce a .pdf file of the results and
email that file to the user.

The problem was I could not get Page X of X to work.  Through your input,
the correct syntax for the setup file was determined - but it still did not
work.  The key is the fact that when using indexing or cross referencing,
lout has to run a document through at least twice (depending on the
complexity of the indexing).

The PERL script we were using only called lout one time on a document -
therefore, lout could not produce the needed Page X of X data (it runs the
document once to determine what the last page number will be - then again
to produce the .ps file with the page numbers embedded).

Once the PERL script was modified to call lout twice during a single
execution of a document - it worked like a charm - mystery solved.

Again, my thanks to all!

T.J. Walker

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