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Announce GoDiag and question: @HUnlimited?

From: Edgar Toernig
Subject: Announce GoDiag and question: @HUnlimited?
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 04:34:17 +0200


I've made an Lout package to create Go diagrams (Asian board game
also called Baduk and Weiqi).  You can find it at:




to get an idea of what it does.

I have one problem: the y-coordinates sometimes don't show up :-(
Basically, they are generated like this:

    def @ylist
        right n
        @ylist @Next n  /  1z @High { /0.5rt n }
     @VLimited { @ylist ystart }

When the diagram has plenty of room everything is fine.  But
at the moment it has to compete with other elements about
horizontal space (i.e. it's beside text) the coordinates
vanish.  The recursion is terminated not because of the
exhausted vspace but because of missing hspace.

I've "fixed" it by changing the last line to

    @VLimited { " " /0io @ylist ystart }

and then using a fixed wide font.  Very ugly hack that even
breaks when the coordinates become 2 digits (then you only
see numbers up to 9).  I was looking for a way to tell Lout
to ignore hspace for the recursion but found nothing.

Any ideas?

Thanks, ET.

PS: It's my first Lout program.  I would welcome any hints
on where I do something stupid or suggestions on how to make
the code better.

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