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@SysDatabase @FontDef problem

From: flamasuta
Subject: @SysDatabase @FontDef problem
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 17:58:03 +0300 (MSK)
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I don't know if it is possible at all but...

I'm trying to write a fax template with Lout.
I want to merge a data file (produced by a program) with the template 
to obtain a fax document in Postscript.
I have to manage several languages (english, italian, french and 
czech) and I would like to have only one template for all the 
To acheive this, I tried to define some macros according to the 
language defined in the data file but I get an error and I don't know 
what to do to bypass it.

command used:
lout fax_template.lt > fax.ps

output given by the command:
lout file "fax_template.lt":
   13,25: name of @Database file expected here
    25,1: fatal error: exiting now

Here is a light version of the data file:

========== begin ==========
macro @NX_language

macro @NX_logo

macro @NX_text
Some text in Czech...
==========  end  ==========

Here is a light version of my template file:

========== begin ==========
@Include { fax_setup.lt }
@Include { fax_data.lt }

macro @NX_font_definition
    @NX_language @Case
        Czech @Yield { latin2 }
        else  @Yield { fontdefs }

@SysDatabase @FontDef { @NX_font_definition }

macro @NX_font_encoding
    @NX_language @Case
        Czech @Yield { CE }
        else  @Yield {}

    @InitialLanguage { @NX_language }
    @InitialFont { address@hidden Bold 11p }
    @PageHeaders { None }

@Text @Begin
@Centre 1.6c @High -90d @Rotate @Scale 90d @Rotate @IncludeGraphic { 
@NX_logo }
{ lines 1.2fx } @Break {
@End @Text
==========  end  ==========

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