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Is is possible to mirror an object? + @Case problem

From: Mark Summerfield
Subject: Is is possible to mirror an object? + @Case problem
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 14:06:56 +0100


1) I want to be able to mirror an object, and can't see how to do it. Is
it possible?

2) In my book.lout file (a copy of book) I want to have this:

@AppendixHeadingFormat  {
  title @Case {
    {Installing the Software} @Yield
        { 5f @High 7f @Font @Shadow offset { 0.025f } A @DP @DP title }
    else @Yield
        { 5f @High 7f @Font @Shadow offset { 0.025f } B @DP @DP title }

Infuriatingly this won't work. If the text was just "Installing", it
works fine, but @Case doesn't seem to understand multiple words. Is
there any answer to this?


PS When the mailing list moves to wherever will we have to reregister?
(I want to change the mailing address I use.)


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