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Re: Formatting index entry numbers

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Formatting index entry numbers
Date: Sat, 10 May 2003 16:44:12 +1100

This would require an extra parameter on the @Index system to
identify the particular index entry as one to be emboldened.
You can find the definition of @Index at include/dsf line
4226.  It would not be hard to add, for example,

    def @Index
        named main { No }    # Yes or No

        def @Fmt right x { main @Case { No @Yield x Yes @Yield @B x } }

and then replace (I think this is the right spot)

        tag @CrossLink @PageOf tag


        tag @CrossLink @Fmt @PageOf tag

I'm just a bit worried about the effect of @B on the sorting.  I'm
not sure off-hand whether it will be noticed by the sorter or not.

A more advanced design would be to add a @Format parameter to @Index:

        named @Format right @Body { @Body }

so that any format could be asked for.  Actually it would be better
to name the parameter @PageNum:

    def @Index
        named @Format right @PageNum { @PageNum }

so that people could write

        @Format { @B @PageNum }
    { India, 1947 partition of }

and so on.

Sorry, that should have been the @Index symbol, not the @Index system.

I'd be happy to pursue this for the next release, if someone wants
to tell me what's actually needed.  Flipping through half a dozen
books on my shelf just now produced no examples of formatted
page numbers.  Are they ever italicized, for example?

Jeff Kingston

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