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problems with 8bit characters

From: Rolando Abarca (aka funkaster)
Subject: problems with 8bit characters
Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 00:28:20 -0400 (CLT)

Hi, I'm new to lout (just trying to check it to see if it's time to trash
I've just compiled lout for MacOS with MPW (as a MPW tool). It went smooth
(as expected), but now I have problems trying to compile a simple file
that has 8bit characters (spanish accented chars):

@Doc @Text @Begin
Spanish @Language "Espa[n]ol [']texto'".
@End @Text

Note: replace [n] with ISO 8859-1 241 and ['] with 96 (decimal).
this is what I used to compile it:

lout test.lt > test.ps

Instead of getting a [n] I got another character (150, or 226 octal).
I compiled lout with the 8bit options (CHARIN=1 CHAROUT=0)...
can anyone please point me on where the error could be?
thanks a lot,

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