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Re: lout-3.28.user.ps conversion issue update

From: K. H. Man
Subject: Re: lout-3.28.user.ps conversion issue update
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 09:14:28 +0800
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Hi again,

K. H. Man wrote:
An update on the lout-3.28.user.ps conversion issue (lout-3.28.user.ps dies while being converted to PDF using Ghostview 4.3 and Ghostscript 7.04 on Win32.) Note: I am not sure if the latest AFPL version (version 8.00 is the latest) solves this problem, may need some digging (I'm getting the Ghostscript distro now...)

AFPL Ghostscript 8.00 is NO GO on conversion of that file to PDF. Same error message. Dunno about the exact PDF output but I guess it would be about the same.

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