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size limit for picture?

From: Joe Beach
Subject: size limit for picture?
Date: 13 Mar 2003 13:35:00 -0700


I just started to use lout to make a poster for a conference, and I seem
to be encountering a limit on the size of a picture that can be made
with the picture package. If I use the following lout file:

@SysInclude {diag}
@SysInclude {picture}
@InitialFont {Times Base 24p}
{ # start of Illustration
@Diag {
58c @Wide 58c @High 
TEST:: @Box {test}
} # end of Diag
} # end of Illustration

I get the following error message:

address@hidden poster]$ lout 2003_NCPV_poster.lout >
lout file "2003_NCPV_poster.lout":
    9,15: replacing with empty object: negative size constraint
         internal error: assert failed in MinSize: BreakObject failed to

This error starts happening if either of the @High or @Wide dimensions
exceeds 57c. 57c is fine, 58c causes the error. Does anyone know if this
is a limit internal to lout, or if I can change a setup file to get
around it?

Joe Beach

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