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Re: How to change the footnote style in a very special way

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: How to change the footnote style in a very special way
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 14:54:20 +1100

Another response to an oldish email (21 Jan 2003), asking how to
get *, **, *** as footnote labels.  This can't be done by
setup file options but it would not be hard to add it, just
two simple steps.  First, find

    def @Num
        left numtype
        right num
        numtype @Case {
            None    @Yield {}
            Arabic  @Yield num
            Roman   @Yield @Roman&&num
            UCRoman @Yield @UCRoman&&num
            Alpha   @Yield @Alpha&&num
            UCAlpha @Yield @UCAlpha&&num

in file LOUTLIB/include/dsf and add another case, e.g.

            Stars   @Yield @Stars&&num

Next, find

    def @Roman          left @Tag right @Val { @Val }

in file LOUTLIB/include/bsd and add a similar definition

    def @Stars          left @Tag right @Val { @Val }

Next, find the line

    @SysDatabase @Word @Roman @UCRoman @Alpha @UCAlpha @Months

just below that and add @Stars after @Roman.  Finally,
edit file LOUTLIB/data/standard.ld by adding lines such as

    { ?? @Stars ?? }
    {  1 @Stars { URWGroteskT Bold } @Font * }
    {  2 @Stars { URWGroteskT Bold } @Font ** }

and so on, like the ones for @Roman in that file now.

Oh well, that was four simple steps.  Now you can write

    @FootNoteNumbers { Stars }

in the setup file, @Num will know you mean the @Stars
symbol you've defined, and standard.ld will hold the
database of values of the Stars numbering sequence.


ps that was LOUTLIB/include/bsf not bsd.

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