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A solution and a question

From: Mark Summerfield
Subject: A solution and a question
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 21:38:46 +0000

A solution and a question.

I want to draw a rule below my headers and above my footers. This can
easily be achieved by doing this sort of thing:

  @RunningOddTop  {
@I address@hidden @DotSep @MinorTitle} @Right @B @PageNum
//0c @FullWidthRule }

Unfortunately I find that this gives me headers at uneven vertical
positions. This is because some headers have text that includes
decenders and others don't. The solution I use is to force the header
to be tall enough, e.g.

  @RunningOddTop  {
1.1f @High
@I address@hidden @DotSep @MinorTitle} @Right @B @PageNum
//0c @FullWidthRule }

This doesn't seem to work for footers, but the solution is even
easier: simply make the gap between the rule and the text taller, e.g

  @RunningIntroOddFoot  { @FullWidthRule //0.15f @Right @PageNum  }

The reason I don't use a taller gap for the header is that it would
still give an uneven baseline for the text above the ruler; but
setting the height of (a portion of) the line should make things even

Is there a better way?

Question: I have a large diagram that I want to make into a two page
spread in a book. Is there any way of doing this in lout?



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