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Re: References to web sites

From: Robert Feldt
Subject: Re: References to web sites
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 00:54:23 +0100 (MET)

On Thu, 20 Dec 2001, Jeff Kingston wrote:

> OK, so if you printed that page out on a sheet of paper, what would
> its type be?  There are all kinds of types of documents on the web:
> technical reports, journal articles, software for download, etc.
I can't classify it as anything else as a web page. Its unique material
only available on the web.

> A quick grep of data/refstyle.ld shows that Lout's standard distribution
> offers the following document types:
>   { Book @RefStyle @Style
>   { Proceedings @RefStyle @Style
>   { PhDThesis @RefStyle @Style
>   { TechReport @RefStyle @Style
>   { MastersThesis @RefStyle @Style
>   { Seminar @RefStyle @Style
>   { Misc @RefStyle @Style
>   { Article @RefStyle @Style
>   { InBook @RefStyle @Style
>   { InProceedings @RefStyle @Style
> If the web page you are referencing really can't be classified more
> precisely than "Web Page", I suggest you use Misc.  If it has a
> better classification, then we need to develop that into another
> @RefStyle.
Ok, I might get the Misc category to produce something close to acceptable
but it would be nice if Lout could help me follow for example the
recommendations in (not that its in my field but should be generally

Web Extension  to American  Psychological  Association  Style (WEAPAS)
Proposed standard for referencing  online documents  in scientific  

an example of a thing that is hard with current types is a "visited
2001-12-19" as the last field of a ref.

I'll settle for Misc for now. Thanks,


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