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paragraphs in tables...

From: Oliver Bandel
Subject: paragraphs in tables...
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 22:57:21 +0200 (MET DST)


I tried to use Tbl-environment.

The table is a multipage-table.

I used @Wide and I tried with "width" of the
table-environment. But the table changed not
it's column-width.

And I found, that when a word is longer than
a line, it will be scaled down.
If the word/object is toooooooo large, then it
will be scaled to such a small amount of space, that
it will be shrinked to zero-length.

The problem is: If it is scaled to a size that is not
viewable, one may think to ignore the warnings
(no hard error-exception is thrown!), because there
is no problem on the paper/in the previewer: the problem
is discarded down to zero-size.
In TeX a unbreakable box will be larger then you want
and this is ugly, but you can *see* the error on the paper.
Lout discards the data!

And what I found on this problem too: It is not only the
word (the too-large-object), which is scaled down.
*The whole line* is scaled down and it seems to be a problem
of scaling only the too-large-object down, and scaling
down the whole line, where the too-large-object

Using @Display, mentioned in some mails here (I looked
into the archive, at least the file, which is named
as the "current" archive in the webpages), does not

I used lout 3.24.


P.S.: I'm working on a foreign machine. I have not enough space
      in my home-dir, so LaTeX failed because of not-enough
      Lout was my favourite though.
      Now I scaled down to HTML (because programming layoutet
      plain-text is not really a fun...).
      If possible, I would inmplement HTML, Lout and LaTeX,
      but if the scaling-problem ( and the problem with
      @wide) could not be solved, then Lout failed  here.
      (And I thought that Lout is a very good tool for that

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