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Re: Wish for @NameOf

From: Samuel Lacas
Subject: Re: Wish for @NameOf
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 11:11:26 +0200

Mark Summerfield a écrit 0.4K le Fri, Sep 28, 2001 at 09:26:46AM +0200:
# I'd like to be able to write things like this:
#     See address@hidden designer' on page @PageOf designer.
# which will print as
#     See `Qt Designer' on page 32.
# assuming that I have
# @Section
#     @Title { Qt Designer }
#     @Tag { designer }
# @Begin
# I can't see @NameOf in the manual, nor anything that seems to do this
# in the cross-references section. Is it possible?


I think that @Section&&designer @Open { @Title } should produce `Qt
Designer'. The problem is that you need to know which kind of object
is tagged (in your case, a @Section) to retreive the correct
information (in your case, a @Title).

def @NameOfSection right x { @Section&&x @Open { @Title } }

should work, and you may also try (I did not check if these are
correct, and I am not a Lout expert),

def @NameOf
  named @Where { @Section }
  named @What { @Title }
  right x
{ @Where&&x @Open { @What } }

Hope this helps,


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