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Links in postscript

From: Slomium Catfish
Subject: Links in postscript
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 19:04:02 -0500

I'm using version 3.24 of lout.  This version generates links in the
postscript for, as an example, the table of contents.  I convert the
postscript to pdf via Acrobat Distiller.  The generated pdf has a black
rectangle around each linked item in the contents.

Would it be possible to include options in lout to control the appearance of
links?  Currently, i run a korn shell script (included at end of message)
over the postscript to make the links invisible.

I realize that there are other, far more important things that could be
worked on in Lout, so, if including these options is at all a hassle, please
let this fall to the bottom of the request list.


#       Makes links with rectangles plain for Lout postscript output.
infile=${1:?"Missing Filename"}
for fid in $@

sed "s/\/Subtype \/Link/\/Border [0 0 0] \/Subtype \/Link/g" $infile >
print $outfile


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