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Re: Sentence-end punctuation: French

From: Samuel Lacas
Subject: Re: Sentence-end punctuation: French
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 17:35:10 +0200

# > > espace normale ---  espace normale (tiret)
# > 
# > In Lout terms, is the dash really "---", not "--"?
# > 
# It's a dash (tiret), in French the 'tiret' can be :
# - Used alone (middle sized):
#  - shows the items of an enumeration,
#  - shows the interlocutor change in a dialog.
# - Used in pairs (large size):
#   - bracing one or several words with the same meaning as a parenthesis.

The second use corresponds to the '---' lout command, if, as I assume,
the rules are the same as in (La)TeX: the sigle dash is used mainly
for hyphenation and punctuation, the double one ('--'), used to
separate numbers in page ranges (p.1--34), and the triple one as a
substitute for parenthesis --- like this --- except that I think you
don't necessarily have a closing triple-dash at the end of a
sentence --- like here.


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