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Still searching...

From: Ral Nez de Arenas Coronado
Subject: Still searching...
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 21:39:47 +0200

    Hello all :)))

    I'm still searching for a way to have a 'preprocessed' lout
output. What I want is to have a lout document including basicsetup
and the like, run lout, and have another lout document, not converted
to PS, with all the macros expanded and no inclusions.

    I need it because I'm building an skeleton of a document without
including any libraries (it's a long and boring story...), and I have
done something like that (very resumed...):

#Load fonts
@Database @FontDef {fontdefs}

#Setup languages
langdef spanish {spanish . : ! ? .) ?) !) .' !' ?' }
langdef english {english . : ! ? .) ?) !) .' !' ?' }

# A4
595p @Wide
842p @High
{adjust hyphen} @Break
{Times Base 12p} @Font
{0.0 0.0 0.0 setrgbcolor} @SetColor
{spanish} @Language {
//1ie ||1ie {

    Put sample text here
||1ie //1ie

    I'm afraid that this is not what we have when we expand a
document like:

@SysInclude {doc}
@Doc @Text @Begin
Put sample text here
@End @Text

    I would appreciate any help for this O:)


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