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Re: XML and Lout already work well

From: franck
Subject: Re: XML and Lout already work well
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 18:10:14 +0100

> an help in interoperability, as you can guess from all that "Faux friend
> words" and "Faux amis" in the language section of your library.

I'm not sure that syntax helps much. If @Gap and \gap mean 
different things in different typesetting languages, some 
confusion may remain if you use both despite the @ vs. \ 
difference. This is also a non issue for the numerous 
cases where the domains are not overlapping (like Chinese 
and European languages share few faux amis).

>> transforming from one semantic model ('DTD') to another,
> go and transform XML music to XML chemistry 

Of course, XML transformation tools don't do magic, they just 
help doing a common task in a slightly easier way than if you had 
to do everything yourself. That a bicycle can't be used to go to 
the moon does not mean that a bicycle is not a useful way to 
go somewhere that's closer.

XML hype may have obscured for you the real benefits, in some 
but of course not all circumstances, of a standardised way to 
represent tree data structures in text files.

Franck Arnaud ~ email: address@hidden

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