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From: Michael Piotrowski
Subject: Quotes
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 15:14:38 +0200
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After annoying you with questions about sentence ends in various
languages, here is one about quotation marks.

I'm currently using a function like this to automatically produce
appropriate quotation marks:

   def @Quote right x address@hidden @Case {
                                    {de German} @Yield ,,x``
                                    {fr French} @Yield «~x~»
                                           else @Yield ``x''}}

Now I thought I could add some more languages; if there's interest, I
could also create patches for standard.ld and dsf.  Here's what I've
found so far--I'd appreciate comments and additions (the list contains
some languages not yet supported by Lout, and misses some supported

{cs Czech}      @Yield ,,x``    # or »x«
{da Danish}     @Yield »x«      # or ,,x``
{de German}     @Yield ,,x``    # or »x«, in CH «x»
{el Greek}      @Yield «x»      # or ``x,, (esp. in large sizes)
{en English}    @Yield ``x''
{es Spanish}    @Yield «x»      # or ``x'' (esp. in large sizes)
{fi Finnish}    @Yield ''x''    # or »x»
{fr French}     @Yield «~x~»
{hr Croatian}   @Yield »x«
{hu Hungarian}  @Yield ,,x``    # or »x«
{it Italian}    @Yield «x»      # or ``x,, (esp. in large sizes)
{nl Dutch}      @Yield ,,x''    # or ''x''
{no Norwegian}  @Yield «x»
{pl Polish}     @Yield ,,x``    # or ,,x'' or »x«
{pt Portugese}  @Yield «x»      # or ``x'' (esp. in large sizes)
{ro Romanian}   @Yield ,,x``    # or «x»
{ru Russian}    @Yield «x»      # or ,,x``
{sr Serbian}    @Yield ,,x``    # or »x«
{sv Swedish}    @Yield »x»      # or ''x''
{tr Turkish}    @Yield «x»      # or ``x,, (esp. in large sizes)


Michael Piotrowski, M.A.                                  <address@hidden>

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