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Re: XML and Lout already work well

From: Michael Piotrowski
Subject: Re: XML and Lout already work well
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 11:33:08 +0200
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"Valeriy E. Ushakov" <address@hidden> writes:


>> but retrofitting it into Lout does not seem worth the effort
> Not only that, but currently there are absolutely no resources to do
> this anyway.  There are more urgent projects that I think are
> important for Lout future (e.g. real i18n) and there's absolutely
> no-one to work on it.

Improved I18N is a topic I'm also interested in, *and* I could offer
to chip in some work soon.

Personally, I think it would be good to start with adding encodings as
a language-like property, so that you could say something like this:

   "iso-8859-2" @Encoding {text in Latin 2} surrounding text in, say,
   Latin 1.

This would map directly to PostScript encoding vectors, and I it would
enable relatively easy conversion of Unicode subsets using a
preprocessor.  Support for right-to-left text should probably be next.
But I guess you already have a list of things to do ;-)

> Even in the current low-profile mode Lout is and will continue to be
> very useful to many people which proves that Jeff did a superb job
> at it,


Michael Piotrowski, M.A.                                  <address@hidden>

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