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Page numbers in output, -pipe?

From: Franck Arnaud
Subject: Page numbers in output, -pipe?
Date: 11 Sep 2001 15:03:44 GMT

I've made my first raw Lout packages (not using standard 
includes) and have a few minor questions: 

How do you get page numbers into the postscript structural 
comments? Did I miss it in the expert guide?

Also, the guide says that forced galleys allow to trigger page 
flushes to save memory. Am I correct in thinking that I don't 
need to use forced galleys at all if I don't mind having my whole 
document processed entirely in memory -- which I suspect is 
no problem with current PCs and documents shorter than the
complete works of D. Knuth.

As I use Lout as part of a pipe I wondered what would people 
think of adding a "-pipe" kind of flag to lout, so that stdin is also 
sent to stdout, to effect the multiple runs to resolve xrefs 
conveniently, eg for 3 runs:

xslt .... | lout -pipe -o /dev/null | lout -pipe -o /dev/null | lout -o 

By the way, Lout is really great as a typesetting language, good 
fun to program in. I was surprised on how easy it was to get it 
to work as expected. And the beauty of Lout becomes evident 
once the "// # don't ask" are gone (or explained), you don't 
ever need to use macros, etc.


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