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Lout filenames

From: Radek Hnilica
Subject: Lout filenames
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 15:26:23 +0200
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Playing with noweb and lout I found this filename problem.
When I have tolout.nw and use .lout extension for weaved file
all works well
tolout.nw == tangle ==> tolout
          == weave ===> tolout.lout
document.lt (include tolout.lout) == lout ==> tolout.ps

But I try change the .lout extension for .lt extension and now the lout
is shouting
lout file "document.lt"
   74,12: fatal error: files tolout and tolout.lt both exist

What does this mean, I do not underestand why existence both files
stops lout working.

Can anyone explain please.

Radek Hnilica <Radek at Balga dot CZ>
  will be <Radek at Hnilica dot CZ> in near future
  will be http://www.hnilica.cz/ in near future

No matter how far down the wrong road you've gone, turn back.
                                                Turkish proverb

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