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GCC paranoia

From: Ral Nez de Arenas Coronado
Subject: GCC paranoia
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 19:13:04 +0200

    Hi Oliver :)

>> >z03.c: In function `SearchPath':
>> >z03.c:640: warning: `y' might be used uninitialized in this function
>>     Warnings like that are caused by the paranoid way GCC catches
>> uninitialized variables.
>Who is paranoid?
>In the Makefile I found this line:
>COPTS  = -ansi -pedantic -Wall
>So, paranoia is wanted. :-)

    Yes, but those assignments are not errors. GCC should be more
clever for that kind of warning.

>> GCC doesn't examine the following code to
>> see whether those variables are initialized or not.
>gcc can not decide, if the following assignments are
>correct initializations.

    But if there are following assignments then the variables are not
left uninitialized...

> So, it's good to have a paranoid compiler.

    Well, this is true :)

>> The code is
>> perfectly correct ;)
>Hmhhh, but it doesn't work, even if only warings 
>and no compile-errors occur.
>So: what do I have to do to get lout 3.24 working?

    Dunno. I have lout 3.24 running in my Linux, compiled by myself
and all goes OK :??


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