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Scoping problems

From: Barrie Stott
Subject: Scoping problems
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 08:25:09 +0100
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I'll state the problem in terms of difficulties experienced with letters but
it seems to appear regularly whenever I leave the well-worn path and branch
out on my own.

I need two styles for letters: one for personal letters and one for those for
church. My letters have a header on the first sheet but those for church have
a header and a footer. I now seem to have this working without problem by
having each use its own setup file. A personal letter would begin with the
first 2 lines below and a church one with the next two lines:

        @Include { myletter }

        @Include { chletter }

To get the footer for the church style working as I want it, I need to have
address@hidden { 0c }' and will, sadly, have to forego any thought of using
footnotes. However, I can leave the default for the personal letter style.

What I would like to have is a single file for letters which would look like

        stuff for personal letters
        stuff for church letters
        common stuff which includes
        @Use { @DocumentSetup
          @FootLen { xxxx }

What is xxxx? It cannot be something simple like 0c since it needs to be 2.00c
for personal letters. However, if I define `xxxx { 2.00c }' in the personal
section and `xxx { 0c }' in the church section, I get an error on the @FootLen
line near the end that xxxx is unknown or misspelt.

If anyone can tell me how to achieve my goal of getting different values for
@FootLen depending on whether @Letter or @ChurchLetter is being used, I would
be very grateful.


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