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Re[2]: Caret over consonant letters

From: Marcelo Huerta
Subject: Re[2]: Caret over consonant letters
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 02:04:28 -0300

> Input Esperanto in whatever 8859 standard supports it and use the extra
> metrics feature to compose missing glyphs. Look at "plus" files in fonts for
> examples for Czech.

Thanks, helpful enough to begin. However, a doubt (maybe silly for experts,
but I'm no fonts cognoscenti: Is this enough to ensure that the new glyphs
will be printed? If it's not, what should I do to be able to print those new

                    o-=< Marcelo >=-o

abajo. Abeja deprimida, o abeja con el síndrome de Down.

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