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Re: The PDF back end

From: bln
Subject: Re: The PDF back end
Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 14:55:14 +0200
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Hi Isaac,

On Thu, May 17, 2001 at 02:54:32PM +0800, Isaac To Kar Keung wrote:

> we rely a lot on the flexibility allowed by the Postscript
> language.  I won't even say that it is a problem: we'd be much less
> efficient in writing code if we don't have that flexibility.  I don't like
> the idea to replace that: it would be suicide.  We're back on par with TeX
> or LaTeX, and they will do everything better than we ever could due to its
> wider audience.

What are you trying to say? That Lout's only advantage over TeX is its
ability to embed Postscript commands? What about galleys?

> Why on earth would I want a programming language that can express the
> halting problem?  Nobody is going to ask you to solve the halting problem!

You tell me. My point is that you don't _need_ a programming language to
explain to a printer where, and in what colour, glyphs, polygons and other
graphical objects are to be painted on paper, in the same way that you don't
need a cruise missile to kill a mosquito.

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