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Re: The PDF back end

From: Isaac To Kar Keung
Subject: Re: The PDF back end
Date: 17 May 2001 14:54:32 +0800
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>>>>> "Martin" == bln  <address@hidden> writes:

    Martin> As Jeff said, the problem is that Lout depends too much on the
    Martin> PostScript programming language.

I won't say it this way.  I'd instead say that to be efficient in making a
typesetter, we rely a lot on the flexibility allowed by the Postscript
language.  I won't even say that it is a problem: we'd be much less
efficient in writing code if we don't have that flexibility.  I don't like
the idea to replace that: it would be suicide.  We're back on par with TeX
or LaTeX, and they will do everything better than we ever could due to its
wider audience.

    Martin> I simply believe that it is overkill for a page description
    Martin> format. Why on earth would I want a file format that can print
    Martin> one way on mondays, and another way the rest of the week?

Why on earth would I want a programming language that can express the
halting problem?  Nobody is going to ask you to solve the halting problem!
But if your programming language cannot express the halting problem, your
programming is really a very dumb programming language.


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