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Re: @Break semi-bug

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: @Break semi-bug
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 15:00:22 +1100

> I've been trying to understand this requirement by looking through the
> "expert" manual, but it's a lot to digest just to understand this simple
> case, and I'm still conceptually in the dark.
> Is there a simple rule for when "//" is required that
> doesn't require me knowing the implementation of the doc macros?

I don't know about simple, but the rule is basically that the @Break
symbol has to enclose the entire paragraph, not itself be part of
a paragraph.  The awkward thing about that is that some of the
doc macros (@PP in particular) leave you in a paragraph, others
(e.g. @DP and the raw Lout symbol //) don't.

This is why I advocate always using @Break after a display or
list item, like so:

    @Display clines @Break { ... }

There is no doubt then that you are not inside a paragraph.
I think you should try to follow this pattern even inside
symbols that you define yourself.  I also believe that in
practice it is always possible to follow this pattern,
because @Break is something that you want to apply to a
whole paragraph, not to part of a paragraph.


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