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Problem with @NoCite

From: David Duffy
Subject: Problem with @NoCite
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 13:53:45 +1000 (EST)

Hi.  Is this fixed in 3.24?

When multiple citations were included in @NoCite, this left the
commas where the citations would have been.  This wasn't so with @NoRef.

@SysInclude { doc }
@Database @Reference { loutrefs }
@Doc @Text @Begin
@Display @Heading { A Small Citation Problem }
This was obtained as follows @Sup { 1,2 } @NoCite{$ label {1} jensen1975pascal,
$ label {2} meyer1992eiffel}.
@End @Text

This is apropos a slightly kludgy solution to the problem of *nice*
automatic sequential numerical references (generating by preprocessing).

David Duffy

| David Duffy.                                                     ,-_|\
| email: address@hidden  ph: INT+61+7+3362-0217 fax: -0101    /     *
| Epidemiology Unit, The Queensland Institute of Medical Research \_,-._/
| 300 Herston Rd, Brisbane, Queensland 4029, Australia                 v

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