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Running Headers with multiple Figures

From: slomium
Subject: Running Headers with multiple Figures
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 22:44:52 +0000

Im using lout 3.24.  I have a document, based on the book 
format (configured with chapters starting on odd pages), 
with a chapter containing multiple figures.  Each figure 
is included as follows:

@Caption{This is a pic}
@D @IncludeGraphic{pic.eps}

I'm having a problem with the running headers on the left 
hand (even) pages.  Say a chapter of my book includes 10 
figures, using code similar to the style above.  The 
running header (chapter number and name) will show up on 
the first couple of even pages, but not all of the pages 
in the chapter.  If i continue to reprocess my input 
file, the even-page running header will show up on one 
additional page per run.

Is there something I'm doing wrong with how I include my 
figures, or is this a bug?  Any ideas on how to get the 
running header to show up on all the even pages for the 


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