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Re: Nassi-Scheidermann: Still having problems

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Nassi-Scheidermann: Still having problems
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 09:03:40 +1100

I haven't analysed the application closely, but I got rid
of the extra rows by replacing




in the *first row only* of each @Tbl table.  This is a bit
unfair, since @FirstRowa is advertised only as a bug fix;
but the fact is that @Rowa is a row separator, so introduces
an empty row above itself if there is no row there already,
whereas @FirstRowa does not do this.  The empty row usually
has no height and so is invisible, but for some reason which
I have not analysed it is joining up with some other thing
that does have height, hence the problems.

Marcelo Huerta might like to look at how I packaged up my
syntax diagrams code.  I gather he's in the process of
getting a collection of cooperating definitions together.
Also I wonder whether using @Tbl is a bit of an overkill
for this application; the Lout primitives might be better.

Jeff Kingston

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