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Wrong running header: bug of lout stanard package?

From: Isaac Kar-Keung To
Subject: Wrong running header: bug of lout stanard package?
Date: 21 Dec 2000 11:23:10 +0800
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I'm using lout 3.24, and found that when I use slides with @Lecture,
@MinorTitle actually get the title of the Overhead (instead of the Lecture)
in the headings.  This is not consistent with the manual, and is not really
what I want (since title of the overhead is nearly always there in large
fonts anyway, setting minortitle this way is next to useless).

I think the problem should be in one of the @LargeScaleStructure's of
slidesf, but I'm not really sure.  (Well... nowhere document this...)  Is it
that @Lecture should be defined as a Minor type @LargeScaleStructure?  If
so, what should happen to @Overhead?


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