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Re: Motto at beginning of article (section, chapter)

From: Isaac Kar-Keung To
Subject: Re: Motto at beginning of article (section, chapter)
Date: 19 Dec 2000 19:43:22 +0800
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>>>>> "Eduard" == Eduard Werner (Edward Wornar) <address@hidden> writes:

    Eduard> Unfortunately, lout (3.24) chokes when I want to put text after
    Eduard> the // but before the first @Section command. How can I do that?

I've nearly rush out and suggest adding a Section with a bypassed number and
no title, but then I noticed that that section will be numbered too...

And I've tried modifying reportf, with some success:

1. Change SectionList to the following:

    export num @SectionListN @SectionListU
    def @SectionList named @Tag {} right num
        def @SectionListN right num {
            @Galley //@SectionGap @SectionList @NotRevealed @Next num
        def @SectionListU right num {
            @Galley //@SectionGap @SectionList @NotRevealed num  
        @OneOf { { @SectionListN num } { @SectionListU num } }

2. Add the following right after the definition of @Section:

        def @SectionReal left bypass right x
            import @SectionList
            def @SectionN force into { @SectionListN&&preceding } right x { x }
            import @SectionList
            def @SectionU force into { @SectionListU&&preceding } right x { x }
            bypass @Case {     
                dft @Yield { @SectionN x }
                else @Yield { @SectionU x }

3. Replace the last @LargeScaleStructure invocation of that @Section
   definition to

    @BypassNumber @SectionReal @LargeScaleStructure

And then a bypassed @Section will not be numbered.  But is it something that
I'm supposed to do?!

(A really new-comer of lout)

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