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RE: Use of Lout: presentation graphics

From: Ted Harding
Subject: RE: Use of Lout: presentation graphics
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 17:20:11 -0000 (GMT)

On 24-Nov-00 Mikko Huhtala wrote:
> PDF files generated this way can be displayed on a projection device
> using Acrobat Reader in full screen mode. The slide show can be
> browsed back and forth very easily by single-key commands or mouse
> clicks.

Not forgetting that with PDF you can put in "Annotations" via the
PostScript file using the pdfmark mechanism: you plant an appropriate
pdfmark in the PS file, and a good PS->PDF converter willl translate
this into the PDF annotation. These annotations can (amongst other things)
act like HTML hyperlinks in the PDF file.

> The problem with the whole thing is the current condition of the PDF
> backend, since the conversion from PostScript with ghostscript does not
> work too well with non-standard 'paper' sizes.  Diag and fig packages
> would obviously be quite useful for slides, too. I have found no
> PostScript previewer that had a full screen mode and looked quite as
> good on screen as Acrobat Reader.

Can I suggest having a look at PStill by Frank Siegert? This does a
good job of converting PS to PDF, and in particular allows (by command
line options)

a) user-defined paper size
b) rotation of the PDF file by multiples of 90 degrees
   (useful for landscape PS files).

See http://www.this.net/~frank/pstill.html


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