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how to use some AMS fonts

From: julien pommier
Subject: how to use some AMS fonts
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 16:25:08 +0400 (MSD)


I've written a paper with lout (v3.17 on linux). But i'm missing some
fonts to finish the work: I need some characters found in the AMS
Postscript fonts
( http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/fonts/amsfonts/ ) ( I need the
\mathcal and the BlackBoard ones )

So, i've copied the eusm10.afm and msbm10.afm fonts files in the lout
font directory, renamed them eusm and msbm, 
i created very quickly a map file for these font (mapping only
characters 'A' to 'Z'), added the lines:

fontdef eusm Base   { EUSM10    eusm    eusm.LCM        NoRecode }
fontdef msbm Base   { MSBM10    msbm    msbm.LCM        NoRecode }
def @EulSM right x { {eusm Base} @Font @Char x }
def @EulBB right x { {msbm Base} @Font @Char x }

and inserted a @EulSM{L} and @EulBB{R} in my text, but when previewing
the postcript, those characters appear to be both written in a courrier

did i make a mistake ? is it ghostview who doesn't have/find them (but i
have the full teTex distrib installed). I also have the teq package
installed, and i use it in the paper.

thanks in advance.

Julien Pommier

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