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Core dumps w/ lout 3.21!!!

From: Matej Cepl
Subject: Core dumps w/ lout 3.21!!!
Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 23:27:43 +0200


when testing lout v. 3.21 I have met several core dumps on the way. 
I am not sure, how to prepare working bug message, so the best 
what I have been able to do (except for sending whole core files, 
but they are 2.7 MB each, which is to much for my expensive 
Internet phone line) is to run

gdb lout core > core.gdb 2> &1

in both directories and send you appropriate results together with .lt 
files. Is it correct or I should do something more?

In the first case (janke04.*) I have forgot to define one symbol, so 
lout printed two messages in that sense and coredumped. In other 
one, everything has been all right (I suppose, I have been using the 
very same document with previous version of lout without problems) 
but it coredumped anyway.

Other documents worked (and the janek04.lt when missing symbols 
has been added worked as well) including support for Latin-2. Thank 
you VERY much for that.

Have a nice day


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