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Re: Fixed position

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Fixed position
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 07:40:51 +1000

I haven't looked through Matthias Teege's code in detail, but the
following bit stands out:

   15c @High @Scale @IncludeGraphic { x }

According to the documentation, @Scale with no left parameter (as
used here) scales to the available horizontal space, paying no
regard to vertical space.  Clearly, the above fragment is asking
for scaling to a certain vertical size (I wonder what the intention
is wrt horizontal size - surely it is limited too).

A dirty trick for making @Scale apply to vertical size instead of
horizontal size is

   15c @High -90d @Rotate @Scale 90d @Rotate @IncludeGraphic { x }

There is no way to make Lout scale to the maximum amount allowed
by the available vertical and horizontal space together.  In
general this is very difficult for Lout to do anyway, because
the scaling is done before things get put on pages, so the
natural limit imposed by the page height is not able to be
communicated to the @Scale symbol.

Jeff Kingston

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