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Re: @ContentsGap in reportf

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: @ContentsGap in reportf
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 07:48:40 +1000

Mikko Huhtala writes:
In Lout 3.17 reportf in 

def @ReportBodyWithoutCoverSheet

the gaps surrounding the table of contents are defined
as @ContentsGaps, but in 

def @ReportBodyWithCoverSheet 

the corresponding gaps are @SectionGaps. So @ContentsSeparate { Yes }
does not work if @CoverSheet { Yes } is set. Shouldn't the gaps in
@ReportBodyWithCoverSheet also be @ContentsGaps?

Thanks for this report.  I'll look at it in detail when I prepare the
next release of Lout, which is looking like February now.  Meanwhile,
you can always copy the source file, fix it, and @Include your version
instead of the broken one.

Jeff Kingston

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