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Re: Lout 3.17 runs not converging

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Lout 3.17 runs not converging
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 1999 07:57:47 +1000

> ... keeps giving these warnings:
>     9,1: unresolved cross reference @Runner&&following
> no matter how many times I run Lout over the input.

Are you actually in the "user" and "slides" directories when you
run Lout on these documents?  Do you have write permission in
those directories?  The problem seems to be that the cross reference
database isn't doing its thing, so you could look in the directory
after the first run and see whether there is a file


and a bunch of files ending in .ld - these constitute the cross
reference database.  If they don't exist, then we need to find
out why Lout didn't write them during the first run.  If they
do exist, then we need to look inside them to see whether there
is anything wrong with them (btw, did you install with OSUNIX=1
and the others 0?).

Jeff Kingston

ps As you've probably gathered, I haven't seen this problem before.

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