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Lout 3.17 runs not converging

From: Stewart C. Russell
Subject: Lout 3.17 runs not converging
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 11:36:52 +0000

I've just been trying to install Lout on my (Debian 2.1) Linux box. It
seems to compile okay, but doing test runs on the 'user' and 'slides'
documentation directories keeps giving these warnings:

        9,1: unresolved cross reference @Runner&&following

no matter how many times I run Lout over the input.

Is this a known problem? It runs fine -- with identical compilation
options -- under Solaris.


Stewart C. Russell, Kirkintilloch, Scotland - address@hidden
 "Hang on... This is the real thing... The truth, my friend,
  and nothing but the truth" - Mervyn Peake

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