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Re: Printing a set of forms

From: Tod Olson
Subject: Re: Printing a set of forms
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999 17:27:48 -0500

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Kingston <address@hidden> writes:

Jeff> I do this kind of thing sometimes myself, and I find it easiest to
Jeff> put all the formatting in the @Form definition:

Jeff>     def @Form
Jeff>        ...
Jeff>     {
Jeff>        ...
Jeff>        //1rt @OneRow {
Jeff>           ... stuff for foot of page here ...
Jeff>        }
Jeff>     }

A @Form like so works reasonably well most of the time:

def @Form
  named header {}
  named footer {}
  right data
  // data
  //1rt @OneRow { footer }

However, if data is large it can push footer to the next page.  I'd
ultimately like to have a file of forms where a form can span a page
and Lout will arrange for each page to get header and footer in the
right place.  I've tried shoving footers directly into the
@PageFootNotePlace galley, for example, with no luck.

This is sort of baroque, I guess.  I may be best off breaking up the
pages in the program that generates the Lout code.  Eg. if data is a
table where 8 rows fit between the header and footer, chop up data so
only eight rows are in any @Form.



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